Sunday 5 May 2013

Combinatorial discovery of polymers resistant to bacterial attachment

An interesting article on a new class of polymers (a group of structurally related materials comprising ester and cyclic hydrocarbon moieties) that are resistant to bacterial attachment has been published by Nature Biotechnology. Here is the reference:

Andrew L Hook, Chien-Yi Chang, Jing Yang, Jeni Luckett, Alan Cockayne, Steve Atkinson, Ying Mei, Roger Bayston, Derek J Irvine, Robert Langer, Daniel G Anderson, Paul Williams, Martyn C Davies, Morgan R Alexander. Combinatorial discovery of polymers resistant to bacterial attachment. Nature Biotechnology, 2012

Experts in the Schools of Pharmacy and Molecular Medical Sciences, have shown that when the new materials are applied to the surface of medical devices they repel bacteria and prevent them forming biofilms.

For details, see Nature.

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