Saturday 25 May 2013

Potential Novel Treatment for Influenza Discovered

An experimental drug has shown promise in treating influenza, preventing lung injury and death from the virus in preclinical studies, according to University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers publishing in the journal Nature.

The scientists found that a drug called Eritoran can protect mice from death after they have been infected with a lethal dose of influenza virus.

The findings are of particular interest to scientists now that the latest deadly strain of flu, H7N9, is spreading in China.

For further details refer to the following on-line open access journal:

Kari Ann Shirey, Wendy Lai, Alison J. Scott, Michael Lipsky, Pragnesh Mistry, Lioubov M. Pletneva, Christopher L. Karp, Jaclyn McAlees, Theresa L. Gioannini, Jerrold Weiss, Wilbur H. Chen, Robert K. Ernst, Daniel P. Rossignol, Fabian Gusovsky, Jorge C. G. Blanco, Stefanie N. Vogel. The TLR4 antagonist Eritoran protects mice from lethal influenza infection. Nature, 2013

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